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This Cannabis is AAAA grade. You can expect it to be highly potent and have terpene profiles which soar above our competition. But that’s only half the story. BC Black products represent a degree of quality which was previously only available through the illicit market. There’s a reason why we’re able to secure these niche, legacy strains – it’s because we embrace the cultivators who grow them – by helping legacy cultivators transition to the legal market a craft legacy, built on tradition.
Craft Cannabis
Legacy to Legal

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BC Black Cultivators

Dunesberry Farms

Dunesberry Farms

Master Grower: Top Secret
Growing Since: Undisclosed
Method: Grown in Coco/Soil Mix | LED Lights
Dry/Cure: Wet Trim

Nestled into the Thompson Nicola Valley, Dunesberry Farms is bringing to market the same top tier BC Bud their legacy Master Grower has produced for years. Grown in a coco/soil mix using LED lighting, their potent flowers win you over based on aesthetics alone. This produces amazing trichome density possible and enables Dunesberry to produce consistent premium flowers, crop after crop. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to Dunesberry’s Proprietary curing system. The biological process of curing is done with the upmost care and time in mind to ensure our top shelf cannabis meets the standards of the sophisticated client.

Great Gardener Farms

Master Grower: Mat Beren
Growing Since: 1996
Method: Grown using Pro-Mix HP in 5 Gallon Pots
Dry/Cure: 3-Week Hang Dry | 2-Week Cold Cure | Hand Trimmed

Great Gardener Farms was founded by Kirk Tousaw and Mat Beren: cannabis enthusiasts, activists, and growers. Mat has bred and grown cannabis for more than 25 years and has won more than 70 international awards for genetics, hash, rosin and flower. Kirk is a lawyer that helped legalize cannabis and won many landmark cases for patients, budtenders and growers, including Mat! Together they founded GGF to share their love for cannabis with Canadians.

Krazy Krystal

Krazy Krystal BC Bud

Master Grower: Deon Gibson
Growing Since: 2006
Method: Grows in Soil Beds | LED Lighting
Dry/Cure: 10-Day Cold Cure | Hand Trimmed

Doug Gibson grew “the ultimate in legacy” cannabis for more than 50 years before Canada’s legalization. Now, his son Deon Gibson takes the reins at Krazy Krystal, a legal Micro Cultivation facility in Pritchard, BC. The extensive knowledge and experience has been passed down and Deon has mastered his craft to be considered a Master Grower in his own right. Krazy Krystal consistently produces some of the highest yields of any Micro cultivator in Canada. As their name suggests, Krazy Krystal does not sacrifice quality for quantity. Their frosty flowers have been very well received by bud tenders and consumers alike.

Laughing Turtle Farms

Laughing Turtle Farms

Master Grower: Allysha Pommeroy
Growing Since: 2018
Method: Grown in Soil | HPS Lighting
Dry/Cure: 14-Day Hang Dry | Hand Trimmed

LT Micro Craft is deeply rooted in the North Okanagan cannabis culture. Originally established a decade ago Laughing Turtle has become a high-quality craft producer known for the Sweet Jesus strain. True craft practices and attention to detail can be seen in every offering.


Living Cannabis

Master Grower: Mike Roy
Growing Since: 2000
Method: Living Soil and HID/LED Lighting | Organic Inputs Only
Dry/Cure: 14-Day Cured in 60/60 room for 2-Weeks | Hand Trimmed | 10-Day Post Trim Cure

This Indigenous Cannabis farm in the North Okanagan is the very definition of wholesome sustainability. This team have over 40 years experience fine tuning their organic living soil, creating a thriving ecosystem to grow medicinal cannabis for the compassion club. These very same holistic and regenerative gardening methods are responsible for creating the high potency, super terpy flavour and dank aroma usually only found in the sun drenched fields of the Emerald Triangle in California. Living Cannabis checks off all the boxes for your most eco-friendly customers!

PureFire Cannabis

PureFire Cannabis

Master Grower: Cody Lewis
Growing Since: 2015
Method: Organic Soil & Coco Mix Pots
Dry/Cure: 2 Week Hang Dry | Hand Trim | Cold Cure 2-3 Weeks

Over 40 years in the making, PureFire was established to bring legacy genetics and expertise to the recreational cannabis market. Founder Cody Lewis has inherited a wealth of knowledge from his father Bill who has been involved in the legacy cannabis industry since the early 1980’s. With Bill’s knowledge and Cody’s drive for excellence, PureFire is more than just a family affair, it is a passion project built on tradition, quality, and a pursuit of the finest cannabis experience. Their in-house genetics were developed from strains dating back to the 90’s and includes unique blends and hard to find strains. PureFire delivers the perfect smoke from every single bud leading their facility.

Royal Harvest

Master Grower: Kevin Varner
Growing Since: 1989
Method: Grows in Soil Pots | Gavita Lighting
Dry/Cure: Hang Dried in 60° Cold Room for 1 Week | Hand Trimmed

Royal Harvest bursts onto the scene with their chunky, frosted buds and rare genetics. Master Grower, Kevin Varner grew up with a fascination for turning seeds into plants and now harnesses that lifelong passion to bring quad-level buds to the recreational market. Royal Harvest’s tried and true grow methods produce some of the cleanest burning product in the industry.

Smoker Farms

Grower: Jeff Aubin
Growing Since: 1997
Method: Hydroponic | Rockwool | Dosatron
Dry/Cure: 10-day Cold Cure Hang Dry | Hand Trim

Grower Jeff Aubin is the exact definition of a Legacy grower whose facility is nestled discreetly in the mountains of the West Kootenays near Beaverdell, BC. Although Jeff has embraced modern technology in every area of his facility, his caveman growing style was responsible for producing some of the highest quality cannabis on the legacy market for decades. Smoker Farms produces small batch craft cannabis with the utmost care and attention to quality and detail using the pure pristine water from the Kettle River. This now high-tech barbarian is proudly producing some exceptional flower for the legal market in Canada.

Victoria Cannabis Co.

Victoria Cannabis Co.

Master Grower: Taylor King
Growing Since: 2007
Method: Living Organic Soil | LED Lighting
Dry/Cure: Cold Cured for 6-Weeks Total and Hand Trimmed

The Victoria Cannabis Company is a Micro Cultivation team made up of true British Columbia Legacy operators. Each member of the team has their own deep connection and history with the plant. From the basements of East Vancouver to the clandestine valleys of the interior, the knowledge, passion and perseverance of this team have culminated together to grow Craft Flower worthy of the historical significance of British Columbia Cannabis. Like the members of their team, each cultivar has its own story, profile and history. The Victoria Cannabis Company is located in Victoria West, a stones throw from the Inner Harbour on Vancouver Island. It is comprised of 2 Micro Cultivation facilities and one Nursery, licensed by Health Canada.

West Kootenay Cannabis Corp.

West Kootenay Cannabis

Master Grower: Greg Warkentin
Growing Since: 1995
Method: Grows in Soil Pots | Highly Manicured
Dry/Cure: 2-Week Dry | 14-Day 19° Cure | Hand Trimmed

Master Grower Greg Warkentin is a West Kootenay treasure, known as much for his green thumb as his heart of gold! You can literally taste the love he puts into his garden in every delicious puff of his hang dried, hand trimmed, cold cured flower. Greg uses the same tried and tested growing techniques he mastered over decades in the legacy market and swears that hand watering each exquisitely manicured plant daily is his secret to producing some of the tastiest flower on the legal market today. FUN FACT: Greg’s unique genetics have been naturally pollinated using honey bees on his property just outside of pristine Kaslo BC.

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